Monday, January 02, 2006

McSewing 2 Hoodies

To the left, Molly Kate the most delicious toddler in the world, 15months, photo taken by her big sis.

I got up early today and did my "Flylady" chores for Monday. Therefore, I had guilt-free time to spend on sewing.

I logged in 3 1/2 hours in dribs and drabs. Yay! What took the most time was all the prep-work. This is the sky blue tie dye knit from . I doesn't have great recovery and tends to stretch, but, hey, it was only $3 something a yard. Anyway, I spent a long time interfacing and serging the hems, as well as the kanga pocket edges. Imho, I think it's attention to detail such as this that make a garment look more professional.

I got all the way to applying the sleeves. In case you wonder what "McSewing" is, it's a term invented by the lovely and gracious Catherine Decker, a sewing pal over at the nmsl. (That's the nursing mother's sewing list, for all you unintiated:-) You make a bunch of the same garment at the same time, doing all the same tasks at once, i. e. interface everything that needs it at the same time; apply all the sleeves at the same time, and so on. She has made lovely McDiapers, McShoes, McJammies, and is presently working on McTshirts, amongst other things. I'm only making two of the hoodies at once, but McSewing forces you to think ahead and plan your project in the most efficient way.

I'm using the new Kwik Sew book for ladies' sewing for my hoodie. As I was working on it, I discovered that I had accidentally used a bateau neckline and that the shoulder seams are too skinny. {smacking forehead} Then I remembered that the nursing nightgown I made out of this pattern last year had this same issue. Oy vey. Can't do anything about it now, as I have no fabric left. It's intended to be a casual garment, so prolly it'll be okay. The good thing is that the hood itself still fit into the neckline properly.

Paean to my Wonderful Pfaff 2046

As I worked today, I was repeatedly struck by what a wonderful machine my Pfaff is. It truly is the Lambraghini (sp?) of my sewing machines. My wonderful dh got it for me last year. It was a b-day/Valentine's/anniversary gift. Pricey, yes. But worth it? Oh my, yes!

It does buttonholes without fuss. Had to do some for the aforementioned hoodies. It travels over lumps with no complaints. It hums along. I have recently learned how to use the alphabet function. Believe it or not, technology makes me nervous, and sometimes it takes me a long time to try something new, but on my Pfaff, it was easy.

I just looked up what "paean" means. Among the ancients, rejoicing in honor of Apollo. Has a certain kind of meter. Hmmm. Perhaps the above is not really one, but there it is. :-) Be forewarned, Gentle Reader, for I feel more paeans coming on soon. Subjects that come to mind are: my featherweight, my Palm Zire 31, my yarn stash, my treadle machine. And don't get me started on my dh or my spectactular kids! ;-)