Saturday, January 05, 2008

cotton/lycra fun

recently i bought a bunch of cotton/lycra from i also got to visit kashi at metro textiles in the garment district--yay! i bought some c/lyrca from him, too. diana needed leggings, so i made them in many colors:

i used the ks pattern, which fits so well and sews up very quickly. plus, this type of project calls for my wonderful coverstitch machine. this machine is a gem! i am so grateful that i have it. it makes beautiful stitches and makes my projects look so professional. i think diana has enough leggings now :-).

i had leftovers, so i made some "unnerwear" for littlest one:

the white pair i made from a rescued gap tshirt. the flowers have rhinestones in the middle of them, which delights mk! these are also done from a ks pattern. gotta love ks!

i also did a simple little play outfit for mk, which she refuses to model:

field trip!

we took a field trip to the long island museum/carriage museum yesterday. we went with our homeschooling friends. it was the perfect field trip: we were a small group and had the museum to ourselves.
there was a norman rockwell exhibit which had all of his saturday evening post covers on display. it was interesting to see the different authors (rose wilder lane and booth tarkington, for example) who wrote for that magazine.
it was sobering to see a cover about jfk's foreign policy w/a story by stewart alsop for april '63 and then to see the "in memoriam" cover for early dec '63. we know not when we'll be called. . .
mk models a straw hat:
you spend all that time and effort to give kids a cultural experience, and what are they interested in? digging pennies out of the frozen fountain!
djb straddles one of the lions that flank the entrance to the rockwell exhibit.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

abbey's party

on sunday, mk's good friend abbey had a party for her 3rd birthday. it was a very sweet party; all my kids enjoyed it. the best part was making cookies, as you see. (by coincidence, mk is wearing the dress i knitted her :-)

here's some bonus pics of 11yo dd and 9yo ds.