Thursday, August 24, 2006

a rucksack & mk's first sentence

today i finished a nice rucksack from this pattern:
i really like the pattern and have made the preschool size 3 times.

here are two i've made for ds and dd a few years ago: ds's is the red and blue one, with some 1940s novelty print on it. dd's has fairies, similar to the flower fairies by mary cicily baker (?). i just love novelty prints.

this is a great pattern: fast, with just enough details to keep it interesting.

and here is the one i completed today:

the close up shows the detail of the fabric, all wwII slogans, i presume. my favorite: "our boys need sox. knit your bit".

as an aside, yesterday mk uttered her first sentence: "ah got shoosh." (i got shoes.) right after that came "ah got baby." she is the first of my kids that absolutely loves dolls. she feeds them, hugs them, nurses them. it is too cute!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

my perfect 10 year old

diana turned 10 last friday. she had her party on saturday. isn't she the picture of young maidenhood?

she made her own birthday cake and planned her own party. we gave her roller blades. my sis and bil gave her: a zappo's gift cert. and an american girl gift cert.

guess who's 2 today?

our molly kate turned 2 today. how fast the time goes!

big sis made some chocolate cupcakes that she decorated w/gummy bears. she made 9 of them and put a letter of mk's name on each of them.

at two, mk daily improving her speech. cute words include: "heyps" for derriere; "ishi" for drink.

i had to include the pic of her in a dirndl. i bought it for a buck at a yard sale. it's a real german one. what a find.