Saturday, July 08, 2006

braggin' rights

i decided to give dd9 some blue peachskin from the stash that doesn't speak to me anymore. a whole five yards, so she had plenty to play with. this is what she did with it:

i love the way she works. she measures a little, but doesn't fret over it:-) and then cuts, and wings it as she goes along. she doesn't like finishing seams, so she doesn't. i find her way liberating to think about, and i usually don't tell her how to do things unless she asks. (as rowena says, "it's only fabric. they'll make more.")

btw, she has her own sewing machine, and a corner of my sewing area. she looks charming in her creation, don't you think? i'm proud of her.

happy birthday dh!

these were made from the jalie pattern. i've made them before, and dh likes them a lot, as does my ds7. you should see how cute the little boy ones are.

the fit is really good and they go together very well. i got the professional-looking elastic from anne of needlenook fabrics. fabric is from the stash, so these were practically free to make! i found these work best in cotton lycra.

you can't see it well in the pic, but on the black pair i made a label and put his monogram on it with my trusty pfaff machine.

sorry to disappoint, but dh declined to model them for a pic. c'est domage:-(

another sweet dress . . .

okay, okay, but at least it's not for my 22 month old! the pattern is from b & b blueprints, but i changed it in child's play. dd wanted the waist lower than the pattern had it; also the pattern only went to size 6. easy-peasy changes.

the fabric is a lovely houndstooth, very nice to work with: perfectly straight grain, a pleasant weight, similar to working with linen. i love white collars on girls' dresses. there's something very elegant and pure about them, i think. here's a back view with a little help from younger sibs:

as an added bonus, here's a pic of the whole family, minus yours truly.

blue work, or a very old ufo

i'm nearly finished with "the quilt". see here: as i was rejoicing in my long-awaited accomplishment, i happened to notice another quilt project i started in 2000: the blue work nursery rhyme quilt. i think the pattern is from betty alderman. flushed with the victory of finishing molly kate's quilt, i bravely examined it and noticed i only have to quilt the borders and put a binding on. unfortunately, it's so old i no longer have any of the sashing/border fabric around. oh dear, i'll have to buy some new fabric for the binding. ;-)

i was thinking of donating to a charity for a raffle, but it really has too much work in it just to casually give away. besides, it's really a nice quilt!

here 'tis:

here's a closeup of my favorite square, jack and jill:

when i started this quilt, i was just learning about quilting and found red work and blue work soothing, and very portable. now i have no idea what to do with this quilt, but i have a feeling that if i finish it, it will tell me where it wants to go. this is prolly more than you wanted to know about my quilting, but i really want to finish this off so i can KNIT again.