Saturday, July 08, 2006

blue work, or a very old ufo

i'm nearly finished with "the quilt". see here: as i was rejoicing in my long-awaited accomplishment, i happened to notice another quilt project i started in 2000: the blue work nursery rhyme quilt. i think the pattern is from betty alderman. flushed with the victory of finishing molly kate's quilt, i bravely examined it and noticed i only have to quilt the borders and put a binding on. unfortunately, it's so old i no longer have any of the sashing/border fabric around. oh dear, i'll have to buy some new fabric for the binding. ;-)

i was thinking of donating to a charity for a raffle, but it really has too much work in it just to casually give away. besides, it's really a nice quilt!

here 'tis:

here's a closeup of my favorite square, jack and jill:

when i started this quilt, i was just learning about quilting and found red work and blue work soothing, and very portable. now i have no idea what to do with this quilt, but i have a feeling that if i finish it, it will tell me where it wants to go. this is prolly more than you wanted to know about my quilting, but i really want to finish this off so i can KNIT again.

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