Saturday, July 08, 2006

happy birthday dh!

these were made from the jalie pattern. i've made them before, and dh likes them a lot, as does my ds7. you should see how cute the little boy ones are.

the fit is really good and they go together very well. i got the professional-looking elastic from anne of needlenook fabrics. fabric is from the stash, so these were practically free to make! i found these work best in cotton lycra.

you can't see it well in the pic, but on the black pair i made a label and put his monogram on it with my trusty pfaff machine.

sorry to disappoint, but dh declined to model them for a pic. c'est domage:-(

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mamafitz said...

ooh, i like them. my caleb only wants boxer briefs now, and i have this pattern, was only stuck on the elastic. does anne have a special name for the fancy elastic? can you send me her info? thx.