Saturday, February 04, 2006

road trips are fun!

in early january my family and i took a road trip. we went to lancaster, pa to visit my nmsl friend, michele. see pic at left of michele and me in a chic cafe in lititz, pa. in the background is a fountain of ever-flowing chocolate. we went there after fabric shopping, naturally. we had such a great time. can't wait to visit her again!

then on to harrisonburg, va to see jennie chancey of sense and sensiblitity patterns from harrisonburg, we drove to asheville, nc. what a lovely town it was. all kinds of artsy shops--my favorite.

next, we drove through the mountains to nashville.

top above, my friend desiree & I go shopping in downtown asheville, nc. desiree and her family have recently moved from long island to asheville. i miss her lots. in the pic, we are purusing a bead shop.

directly above, my friend rowena and i meet at her shop in nashville. we had a short meeting, but i think we're kindred spirits. it was such a thrill to finally see her in person after all these years.

january was pocket diaper month

the above is a closeup of mk's new pocket dipes. below is all i've made last month.

i've spent most of january working on pocket diapers for molly kate. i just love making these: they're fast and i had everything i needed in my stash. who says my stash is outta control? :-) i can't say enough about how much i love catherine's chloe's toes pattern.