Thursday, April 27, 2006

peaches' jammies

here's another project i recently completed.

these are made from lovely soft cotton interlock. the neckline is bound in your basic white foe.

i got to use my pfaff 2046's fancy stitches a little, as you can see in the detail pix. boy, do those fancy stitches eat thread and take patience. worth it, though, i think. turns rather ordinary jammies into something special.

i designed them in child's play, using the no sideseam draft for the pants, and the classic blouse (i think) for the top. the top has fitted sleeves, but is very basic. a fast project, but dd9 is very happy with them. (peaches is her nickname.)

molly kate's new dress

this dress was made from some scraps from a sling i made for a friend.

i used pink batiste for the lining. the pink batiste was formerly a nightgown of mine, that didn't quite work for me. i had made it for her birth (almost 2 years ago now, sniff), but didn't like how it fit me.

i designed the dress using wild ginger's child play pattern making software.
i used the baby & me option for the first time (tipping hat to rowena). i used their standard size 2t, because it's so hard to measure wiggley toddlers. i added the peter pan collar as an afterthought. all in all, it was a lot of fun to make this dress. i especcially enjoyed doing the tucks. and. . . isn't she just the sweetest li'l thing?

it was very hard to get these shots, as the subject is *most* uncooperative. i actually took these in our church's baby room.

why i treasure homeschooling

after we'd finished our lessons for the day, the kids go outside to play in the beautiful spring sunshine. on this particular day, dd9 decided to take her silkies and make a canapy in our dogwood tree. doesn't she look charming up there? yes, i made the dress!