Thursday, April 27, 2006

peaches' jammies

here's another project i recently completed.

these are made from lovely soft cotton interlock. the neckline is bound in your basic white foe.

i got to use my pfaff 2046's fancy stitches a little, as you can see in the detail pix. boy, do those fancy stitches eat thread and take patience. worth it, though, i think. turns rather ordinary jammies into something special.

i designed them in child's play, using the no sideseam draft for the pants, and the classic blouse (i think) for the top. the top has fitted sleeves, but is very basic. a fast project, but dd9 is very happy with them. (peaches is her nickname.)


DLB;-) said...

Hi mom,
iam honored to be mentioned in you blog!
Love from your (nutty)

SewChic said...

I enjoyed seeing your recent work. The diapers look especially good. I agree with you, I sure do like the ChloeToes pattern.
Ruth (NMSL)