Monday, July 31, 2006

a surprise and another ufo bites the dust

last week, while decluttering my sewing area, i came across 27 quilt blocks. i had started this quilt when diana (almost 10) was a toddler. it was one of my first forays into quilting. being a first time mom, i longed for something creative to do. i pieced them by hand, using templates from an old quilt book i found at the library.

the pattern is called "double x" and the book said it was simple enough for a child.

i decided to finish this quilt, so i made 3 more blocks, this time using a rotary cutter and machine piecing. i has so much fun making them, i decided to make another vertical and horizontal row. i haven't quite finished those, but am in the process. trying to decide if it will need a border or not.

it's finished!! it's on our bed as i write this. even though i don't think i'd ever make another scrappy quilt, this one just looks so friendly. :-)

here 'tis: