Monday, January 09, 2006

More Creations!

I made this for Diana, age 9. I really like the brightly colored fabric. I used my Child's Play pattern making software from Wild Ginger. I tried to do a flouncy, ruffley collar. Didn't turn out quite perfect, but Diana still likes it. It has a very high "twirly" factor. I just love to sew for my kidlets.

Here's an apron I did from the Blooming Apron pattern. My Pfaff was in the shop, so I did this on my featherweight. I had never pieced flowers like those before. I also enjoyed using my bias tape maker for this project. I bought the main fabric in Columbus, Georgia at a fabric store that specializes in children's heirloom clothing.
naay, but they do mail order.
This is prolly more than you want to know about my sewing, but here ya go.

Hoodies are finished and a Diaper

I finished the hoodies. They turned out okay, kind of a fun garment. Very comfy. Your basic hoodie. I now have my digi cam, so we took some pix. Of course, having a digi cam doesn't automatically make me a good photographer, as you can see. Even though it's sort of a dorky picture (that's dd9, me with my eyes closed, and Molly Kate who snuck into the pix).

Next, I'm moving on to a "diaper a day." I'm using Catherine Decker's pattern, Chloes Toes. I'm doing the pocket aio. I love this pattern! It takes all the guess-work out of making diapers. So far, I've made three, but taken a pix of only the first. I decided I definately like knit pul better than woven. I dyed the foe (fold over elastic) with Rit. I'm also proud that I only used stash fabric to make these. It turned out nice, don't you think? Molly Kate (16 months) had to be chased down to take these pix.