Monday, January 09, 2006

Hoodies are finished and a Diaper

I finished the hoodies. They turned out okay, kind of a fun garment. Very comfy. Your basic hoodie. I now have my digi cam, so we took some pix. Of course, having a digi cam doesn't automatically make me a good photographer, as you can see. Even though it's sort of a dorky picture (that's dd9, me with my eyes closed, and Molly Kate who snuck into the pix).

Next, I'm moving on to a "diaper a day." I'm using Catherine Decker's pattern, Chloes Toes. I'm doing the pocket aio. I love this pattern! It takes all the guess-work out of making diapers. So far, I've made three, but taken a pix of only the first. I decided I definately like knit pul better than woven. I dyed the foe (fold over elastic) with Rit. I'm also proud that I only used stash fabric to make these. It turned out nice, don't you think? Molly Kate (16 months) had to be chased down to take these pix.

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