Thursday, June 08, 2006

another dress!

hello, my name is caroline and i am addicted to making cute dresses for my daughter. i promise to stop now . . .
i designed this one in child's play. (actually i just did the bodice in cp; the skirt is simply a rectangle, no pattern needed.)

i can't say enough good things about this software program. i used their size 2, cause it's just too hard to measure a toddler. i love being able to decide how high i want my sleeve cap, if i want a front or back closure, things like that. it's so kewl that the program tiles out the pattern on my humble printer.

the design is simple, but very fun to make. i put tucks in the skirt so the dress can grow with molly kate. i find that tucks also add weight and the appearance of greater fullness to the skirt.

it's fully lined, except for the sleeves. i bound the armhole seam. i really like the way a bound ah seam looks--very classy. this dress makes me think of a dirndel. doesn't molly look like a german maedchen in it?

the fabric is linen/rayon from jaf. it was leftovers from slings i've made, so it was sorta free! hard to tell in the pic, but the khaki linen has pink and white flowers embroidered on it. imo, linen is one of the most pleasant fabrics to work with.


Prairie Princess said...

So cute!

Lindsey said...

Adorable! And very like a dirndle (in my mind anyway)
I agree abotu linen- you don't have to worry that your iron is too hot, it holds a crease nicely, doesn't fray overmuch. And it's so nice and cool to wear. I always try to snag it if I see it for a decent price anywhere.
Lindsey in AL