Tuesday, September 26, 2006

new dipes!!

a few weeks ago, i was very excited about miss mk going to the potty all by her herself, with almost no prodding or encouragement. i fretted that she was growing up too fast and that i wouldn't be able to make size "l" chloes toes dipes. http://www.chloetoes.com/store/Default.asp well, it was nice while it lasted. she hasn't shown any interest since.

today i made a sample size "l" dipe to see if it would fit. i had a bunch of pul from diaper cuts that i bought in february, lots of foe, some fleece, everything i needed. it turned out beautiful. i just love this pattern! the directions are great; the design is fabulous and the sizing is perfect. yay catherine! these are without doubt the best dipes i've ever made. they never stain! i can't say enough good things about them, as you can tell. :-)

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Kim said...

Great looking diaper!! And I love that pattern to. :-)