Tuesday, February 13, 2007

cross over shirt

it's a goofy picture, i know. 10yodd took it. this was made from ks3307. the pattern is actually a dress and designed for wovens, but i wanted to try it in a knit. i used a size smaller than i'd normally use and did a muslin out of an old tshirt before cutting one out of this fabric. i only had to do a couple of small alterations to the muslin, and off i went! it's a good feeling to be cutting out your pattern knowing that it will basically fit when you're done. :-)

i got the fabric when visiting my friend michele. it's very soft and stretchy and of unknown fibers. i enjoyed putting the foe on the neckline. it's a little low; i may have to add a piece there, but mostly i'm happy with it. i really like paisley.

now all i have to do is hem the shirt and sleeves.


Annie said...

That's a great color on you. Is that foe on the neckline? Looks great!

Anonymous said...


I LOVE this top! I remember that fabric and I remember I deliberated about getting some myself. I am SO going over there to see if I can find any more.

Really well done - very nice!