Monday, February 19, 2007

the dorothy bag

this is amy butler's dorothy bag that i made recently. after i finished it, i thought, what was i thinking? i never use handbags that i have to hold. duh!?!
it is cute, though. i got the fabric last year in the outer banks from cute li'l fabric shop. i wish i had more of it so I could make the clutch from the same pattern. i love the flip flop fabric and, as many of you know, i'm crazy about polka dots.
the bag was fairly easy to make up. sewing the lining into the outer bag was the hardest thing. i found it challenging to get nice corners. i like the handles. they have upholstery cord in them. i think that's innovative.
i used fusible batt on the main bag pieces, which the pattern didn't call for. i'd use it for the next bag, only cut off 2 and a half inches from the top. the extra batt made making the channel for the handle more difficult than it needed to be. i put snaps on the tabs instead of velcro. don't like velcro.
if i made this bag again, i'd add a zippered (small) pocket in the lining. it's a rather simple, unpocketed bag, unlike the other ab bags i've done.
having said all that, i do like the bag, and i think this style is versatile and would be good for fast (and appreciated:-) gifts.


Prairie Princess said...

I bet you can find someone who will use it if you won't. A couple of little girls...

I don't like velcro either. Everytime I have something with velcro, it tears up something else.

alex said...

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