Thursday, April 26, 2007

2 dresses for mk

this dress is from a fiber trends pattern, a warm winter dress. since i completed it rather late in the season, i made it extra long so mk can wear it next year. the design is seamless, but you do pick up stitches. also the color work is done by slipped stitches; i think it's called mosaic knitting. it was fun. i used brown sheep company's nature spun. p.s. after i took these pics, i figgured out that by *really* steaming the hem, it WILL lie flat. :-)

the design for the sage green dress is by little turtle knits, smocked frock. i used brown sheep company's cotton fleece--a cotton/merino blend. this is the first time i've ever attempted any texture work, and i have to say it was enjoyable, but i did have to climb a learning curve (rip, rip).

i haven't blocked it yet, but i couldn't resist sharing how cute it is. of course, we all know the model would look cute in a burlap sack. ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Yes you have been busy with dresses! Those are both adorable. But you're right about the model, she'd be adorable in anything!